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Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring break reading/life

Today is the last official day of Spring Break. It wasn't much of a break since we are packing to move. And the stressful part is we have to move by the end of the month and we have no clue exactly where we are moving to. Yikes!! Talk about stressful. We are keeping our fingers crossed about our financing for our new house but it is taking forever and the house is supposed to close on the 29th. If it doesn't work out, we have one day to find a place to live with 3 dogs and a cat. Double yikes!! With this hovering over our heads, as well as the bombing in Boston and the explosion in Texas, it has been a stressful week. Maybe going back to work will be a relief!!

Anyhow, aside from packing, I have also been doing some reading. I just finished this book by Temple Grandin. Temple is an animal scientist who teaches at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. She also has autism. She is renowned all over the world for her work designing animal movement systems. She lectures on her work and on autism all throughout the year. I have been lucky enough to hear her speak and her talks are incredibly interesting as she gives us a peek into the mind of someone who has autism. The book also helps explain autism by looking at animal behavior, and vice versa. I normally read novels and was expecting the book to be a bit boring, but it wasn't.

Another book I spent some time with was this one, written by Christine Reeve and Susan Kabot. Christine is on Facebook and has a blog: (I still have no clue how to write the word ' here', and have the word highlighted, so that when someone clicks on it, it goes right to their page. Still lots to learn about blogging). Since there are still many things I don't have for my new classroom, I have been gathering (read that buying with my own money) materials to make work tasks, so I am not inundated at the last minute (read that September, 2 days before school is about to start) with loads of work to do. Anyhow, this book was great for explaining the why of work tasks, how to set it up, and many examples of tasks to put together. It has great illustrations too, for those who are visual. I highly recommend this book.

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  1. hi Jannike, have you checked out the Tasks Galore books? The yellow one shows lots of basic task ideas, it's a great starter to more ideas! Paula @