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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Utah Text Talk website-Tiered Vocab.

This week has just zoomed past. I am sorry to see it end, but still have one more day to go before I head back to my wonderful job.

Even though I have been on vacation (although packing is not really a vacation in my opinion), I never really leave the job far behind. I guess I am a little obsessed, or maybe a lot depending on your point of view. Anyway,  I was blog-hopping today and found a link to this really cool website at Chalk Talk! Speech Therapy  called Utah Text Talk, which was made by reading-first educators that lists 101 books for primary level, and all have tiered vocabulary lessons. Below is a partial lesson for Imogene's Antlers. How cool is this????. Definitely something i will be checking out when I start my guided reading lessons next year.

ISBN: 0­517­55564­6 (Trade)
ISBN: 0­517­56242­1 (Pbk.)
Potential Tier Two Words in the text:
· found
· difficult · fainted (in the text 2 times) · glared
· advice
· offer · consulted
· announced
· rare
· decked
· milliner · Voila (for fun) · Bravo (for fun) · Bravissimo (for fun) · overjoyed
Tier Two words selected for direct vocabulary instruction:
· consulted
· rare
· overjoyed
I selected these words because they would be found across many content areas and  due to their frequency in other texts.    I feel that they will have a chance to use these words in conversations at home.  These are also words they will encounter as they  have experience with different medias, such as T.V., radio and “the net.”
Step 1:  Doing the read aloud of the text with a focus on comprehension.
Procedures for Prereading, During Read Aloud of text with focus on Comprehension,  and Post
1: Introduce the story briefly and activate the student’s prior knowledge.  “Today we  will activate our prior knowledge by writing a story.  You all like to write stories for me  and we are going to use our prior knowledge to help us write together.  After we write  our story we will read Imogene’s Antlers and look at how the author, David Small,  organized his story.
2: Story Impression
· Imogene
· antlers
· home
· fainted
· doctor · principal
· glared
· hat191
3: “Now while we read we can look back at our story and see if we organized ours like  his.”
Note:  Show pictures as you read through the pages.
Stop 1: Read to page 6.  Ask the students “What do we know so far about Imogene?”
“When we wrote our story did we have this happen?”  Discuss why mother fainted.
Stop 2: Read pages 7­10.  “Why did Imogene’s mother faint again?”   “Did anyone
faint in our story?”  “What happened instead?”  ”Why do you think her principal glared
at her?”  How do you think Imogene became this rare kind of elk, did this happen in our story?”
Stop 3: Read pages 11­13.  “How did the rest of the house staff react to Imogene’s  antlers?”  “In our story ______________________________happened.  What do you
think the author is going to have happen next?”
Stop 4: Read pages 14­17.  “It looks like Imogene’s mother has fainted again.  What  do you think made her collapse this time?”  “Did we use a hat like this in our story?“
Stop 5: Read to the end of the book.  “When Imogene woke up the next morning did  she still have the antlers?  What did she have instead?    How do you think the family  will react to her new image?”
Step 2:  Direct Vocabulary Instruction of the Tier 2 Words

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  1. I'll definitely check this site out, Jannike. Thanks for posting about it. A blog you'll want to check out is She has so many good ideas that may be helpful to you when you start your new class. I love your blog badge with the northern lights!