An Autism Connection

Friday, June 28, 2013

Work tasks, end of school year.

Our school ended a week ago Monday, but here I am, still at school, slaving away for free, lol. I knew when I signed on to be the teacher in this new program that set up would be time consuming, but the truth of it all is I am loving it. I was getting a little burned out in the other program so it was good to get out while things were still good. It wasn't what I was originally told it was going to be when I was hired for the job, and not even close to what I had been doing in Colorado, or what my degree was in. However, I stuck it out for 5 years and learned a lot. And now I am moving forward.

I have spent the last 10 days purging all of my cabinets and bookshelves. I made the decision not to go back to a resource type setting ever again because the truth of it is that the environment I love is working with students that are on the more severe end of things, regardless of their disabilities. So out with curriculum that was geared for kids with higher academic abilities and in with sorting tasks, work tasks, and more life skills curriculum.
Here are some pics of what I have been doing:

Here is a BEFORE picture of my classroom and its unorganized and cluttered mess (don't judge). I have to put most of this away as they will remove everything from the room in order to wax the floors and clean and sanitize everything. I will post an after picture sometime in August so you can see the transformation.
Here is the ton of laminating I have also been doing. I have literally gone through 2 entire rolls in our library but they have been very understanding and have ordered extra for this school year. I will be taking this home to cut it all out, yuck.

Here are some work task boxes I have put together so far. I have a ton more but ran out of boxes. And there will still be work to do on these boxes when I come back because I need to add labels and directions to each box, as well as smaller sorting containers, etc. Everything costs SOOO MUCH MONEY and I have already spent a ton of my own. I am now waiting for the district to kick in their share.

 Here are samples of a couple of tasks I have put together in the last couple of days. I found these at the local thrift store and thought they might make a nice fine motor/life skill for some of my more advanced students. Just need to add a screw driver, although I have one for the green handles below.

 Anyhow, more later.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

quick post check in

Just a quick check in. Our endless move from H-E- double hockeysticks is finally over. We have been in our new house for almost 3 weeks and we are not even close to being unpacked. I got slammed hard with end of the year stuff at work, and I am still working even though our last day was this past Monday. I am purging everything!!!!!! I should have some before pictures to share so you can see the transformation as it progresses.  I hope to have everything cleaned up and packed by this next Wednesday and then concentrate on the house and on relaxing before gearing up for next year. Starting this new program is consuming all of my thoughts these days and I want to be able to let it go for the month of July. We'll see how that goes.

The district finally approved money for my new classroom and I put in my orders, as did the therapists I will be working with next year. I am crossing my fingers that they follow through with everything. I ordered the Unique Learning System as well as the News-2-you newpaper. If you haven't checked this out before, they currently are offering their summer units free as a download, and it's all about baseball. I will be using this curriculum for teaching Science and Social studies. I will also be using News-2-you as part of our morning group. I also got Edmark reading, and tons of great stuff from Lakeshore, as well as a slew of other places. I am hoping that it will all be there when I go in in August to re-arrange my room and set up my centers/schedules. It drives me crazy to have to wait on other entities in order to do my job. But that is the way life is and I just have to suck it up.

One final thing. Since google connect is ending July 1, I have switched all of my blogs over to I am also claiming my own blog in this process, so that is what this paragraph is all about: <a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>.

I am off to garden. Our new place has 3 acres, half of which are wooded and half pasture, and we are trying to clean and spruce things up a bit.We need to take advantage of the sun when we get it and it promises to be a great weekend. We also plan to get a veggie garden in this weekend. We are starting small since we are getting such a late start. Pictures to come later. Have a great weekend!