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Friday, July 19, 2013

tentative schedule

 I have been agonizing over working on my class schedule for next year. Which centers was I going to use? Should I follow our bell schedule or do it according to the clock? If I follow the bell schedule, that means we will have breaks in between that will need to be filled. Is this too many? Do I have enough time to do everything? Am I planning too much? etc etc. The questions never end and it was starting to stress me out.

 So even though I know this schedule will change since I have a couple of kids who will be  mainstreamed or placed in a different SPED class for reading and/or math, and I haven't got materials for all of my centers yet, it was a relief to have a working document. I can fine tune it later once I know when my 2 students will be out and I find out who my 3 paraprofessionals will be (2 class-wide and one 1:1). I understand that even what I teach might change depending on the materials I have, funding, etc. I plan to use ULS and News-2-you for science and social studies, as well as for morning group, but that is if the funding I requested kicks in. I might embed some of it in other places as well.

 Unless the principal decides to change it at the last minute, which he has been known to do :), they will be having PE in the middle of the day so I can have a planning period. My own lunch (which is when they have theirs) will be attached to that so I will have a nice long break to plan or meet, or whatever I need to do. It's hard to schedule my own lunch, as well as the Paraprofessional's lunches, and still have adequate coverage, but when I started with the assumption that it was going to happen, it fell into place. More on that later.

 I have been teaching long enough to know this will change many times but having it completed eased my mind. I have the classes broken into 12-14 minutes for each subject I wrote in there, but  it will look a little different for each student as they all have such different abilities. Anyway, here it is.

I tried to get it to show here on my post, but I have spent a few hours trying to figure it out, by following all kinds of  other blog's directions, youtube videos, etc, but try as I might, none of it worked. I wasn't able to embed the code and so I made do with a link. Technology will be the death of me, I swear!

Update: here is the image. It was as easy as right clicking and copying the image and pasting it here (Duuuuuh, hahahaha). Anyway, there are no changes to my computer skills, I am still a techno doofus, although I am slowly learning.

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