An Autism Connection

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Paraprofessional handbook

We are almost at the beginning of the school year. My room is in total chaos right now but I hope to be mostly ready to start on Wednesday when the new 6th graders start. All of the students will be here on Thursday. Because we are a new program, I also get new IA's. One of them I worked with last year, but we hired a brand new person a couple of weeks ago. I also have a 1:1 starting with one of my new students. One has no experience with working with students with disabilities, one has some experience, but has limited experience in working with students with autism, and  the last one has experience in working with students with autism, but not at the middle level.  So we are all at varying degrees of comfort with this new program. This is the perfect opportunity for me to train them to my procedures and processes, educate them about autism in general, and just inform them about what to expect. So, I put together a handbook, with liberal borrowing from Miss Allison's class blog. I also included our schedule and a brief description of each of the centers. I will be training them on it on Tuesday.

Here's an example of my general building procedures. It's pretty encompassing, and I am glad I spent the time to put it together.



  1. Is there any way you could make the IA Handbook available for download? I have a brand new para this year and she's getting overwhelmed. I never thought of a handbook style helper for her.

  2. Yes, I can do that. I keep it at work, though, and my district computer does not allow Google docs so I will have to put it on a flash drive and bring it home. I will do that this week. The handbook was a godsend for my brand new Instructional Assistants. It's lengthy but it outlines everything. When I put it together, I borrowed bits and pieces from the web and tried to make sure it included everything that had ever been an issue with previous IAs/Paras that I had worked with. So far, so good.