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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Emergencies Book

Two posts in a weekend, who would have thought. I should be cleaning the house as we are expecting people to stay overnight sometime this week and next. My boyfriend works with the road crews fixing our main highway here on the island. Many of them live far away and when you add in a ferry commute, it can take a couple of hours to get here each way. So he has generously offered our place to stay for those that want to. So I should be getting the house ready... but it's more fun to play on the computer.

As part of my huge order for my new classroom, I ordered lots of curriculum, but since I don't have any of it yet, I have had to improvise for everything. One of the units I have been working on is emergencies. I originally wanted to just start with several social stories regarding our emergency procedures, such as fire drills and lockdown drills, but decided to make it a whole safety and emergency unit. I purchased ALL About Emergencies from The Autism Helper, and you can find her unit here. But I found that it was a little too high for some of my lower kids. So I made a book that will be adapted once I get on boardmaker this week. I will upload those icons when I am done. But here are snapshots of the book and if I can figure it out, I will stick it on my google drive so you can get a copy of it. I also have made a few file folders to sort and match different emergencies and emergency vehicles and personnel. And I plan to add more to it. But I will post those later.

Here is the link to the book on google documents.

This is the cover page


I am covering just 4 kinds of emergencies: medical, police, fire, and natural disasters

Brief description of medical emergencies

Police emergencies

fire emergencies

Natural disaster. Since we live in Seattle, I included possible natural disaster we can have here, but I also included tornadoes and hurricanes which we don't have in our neck of the woods.

We will role play this.

Covering why it's important to call 911 only in emergencies.

We don't actually have tornado drills here, but I will tell them other places do. We do have the others, so we will practice those.

And then a series of social stories for the various drills.


  1. I loved your emergency book! I put it on a flash drive took it to school and showed it to the kids on the Promethean board. They were very engaged, asked good questions. They r a tough crowd so that is saying a lot! Thank u! Paula

    1. I didn't see this until now. Thank you, Paula!

  2. I love these materials! Thanks for sharing :) Your blog is great!

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