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Monday, February 17, 2014

More changes

The items I ordered in June started trickling in in early December. They were all the curricular items I had ordered. Although very welcome, school started in September and the students had to do something, so I purchased a boat load of stuff (to the tune of several thousand dollars, only some of which has been reimbursed) from various places, so there are already materials in place. I was happy to see the Social Thinking books, books for my reading groups and independent reading, and to finally get ULS, but the rest of it I am still unpacking. I am reluctant to make too many changes during the school year because the students are used to our schedule so most of this will be incorporated next year. Here it is February, and the items have stopped coming. Naturally, they are the items that would be of most use to me now, such as the headphones for our computer center, my book binder and laminator, a kidney table for our groups, work task bins and storage, walkie talkies since I have a student who "runs", and some items for my student break area: rocking chair, trampoline, etc, to name a few items.

Because of all of these changes, my room is really chaotic looking. I  don't have a lot of storage (it's a brand new building, not even 3 years old but there is NO built in storage or closets or cupboards!! What were they thinking????), so  things are basically in boxes above my storage, or on top of bookshelves or file cabinets, and or  in boxes on the floor.

 These top 2 photos are books for my library that need to be leveled. I had a student TA who was helping me with the leveling but she changed classes at the semester so now it is up to me. I need to get rid of some of these books. I got the entire Boxcar series but how many kids are actually going to choose those???
 Here are all of my adapted books that I want to bind.
 Here are sorting and work box tasks that need to be put together.
More work tasks

 I HATE IT, but there you go, I can't do too much about it right now. For example, I got over 900 leveled books for guided reading, and then for individual reading, which was about 9 big boxes. I did not have any say in which books or how many. Someone at the district decided that my 6 students needed that many. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful, but a little consultation with me would have been nice. Even though the books as a whole are leveled (AA through M books),they were lumped together and they are not individually labeled. Thanks to my TA, all the guided reading books now have labels and are in bins. I started using them last week, but the individual books still need work. In addition to book boxes, I have boxes of adapted books that need binding,and  boxes of work task items  that need a home, etc. I am planning a major purge as soon as school lets out so that next year will feel more comfortable. In the meantime, I am doing what I can.

There are also a few changes I plan to make to my room before school lets out: my independent work task station set up needs an overhaul as well as my life skills station and my teacher time station. I plan to blog more about those in the next few blogs.


  1. hi Jannike, I wish I could hop over there and help you get some things done! I think you have done an amazing job pulling together your curriculum and class schedule without all the needed materials. I started in a room slightly larger then a walk in closet, with no materials and the smell of mold in the walls, it was not all I had dreamed of! Hang in there, summer is getting closer! Paula

  2. Well, thank you kindly! I wish you could come and help me too, lol. Sorry about your small room. Mine is mid size but it isn't enough space. But how can I complain when people have over 30 students in a room not much bigger than mine? I hope you have gotten materials together. If you need anything, I would be glad to share! Shoot me an email at