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Friday, February 21, 2014

Paraprofessional handbook-google docs

As I was looking over my other posts, I had promised to share my Paraprofessional Handbook on google docs and I never did. I borrowed liberally from Miss Allison's class for ideas but also added things I had found online, etc. It's long but comprehensive.

The actual cover is different on what I am sharing, can't remember why, but the rest of it is the same.
 Here is the table of contents.I included everything a brand new Para might need to know if working in my program, or another Special Ed program in my building, although most of the focus is on my room. There are lots of extras in the appendix.Like I said, it's long but has lots of useful info.

Here's a sample page. I made sure to say the exact time, how long breaks are, where they can put their belongings, and certain expectations I have for Paras in my classroom. I used to be a Para myself and having that experience was helpful when writing this. Also, I address areas where I have had issues with Paras in the past. I tried to lay it all out ahead of time so that the expectations were clear.