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Friday, February 21, 2014

Social Skills lesson

Have I mentioned how much I love Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking curriculum??? It's perfect for all of my students, truly. My focus the entire year so far has been expected and unexpected behavior throughout the day. We've gone over these behaviors in every area of our school and community and I have hammered out the terms expected and unexpected to the point where it has now become part of my student's everyday vocabulary. Yay! So last week, I went back to our emotion words, and which ones were expected and unexpected, as a review. We worked on how our emotions and the things we do can affect the people around us, and can in fact "bother" other people when it is unexpected.

I then moved onto a list of unexpected behaviors that  we brainstormed from behaviors we have seen in our classroom. They are more observant than I give them credit for! The beautiful thing about this list is that when the students exhibited any of these throughout the week, I could point to the list and the fact that it was unexpected behavior and bothering others, and they stopped!

 From there we moved on to the bothering scale. I believe I got this from Boardmaker share, but I honestly can't remember. If anyone knows, let me know so I can give credit. We modeled some of the unexpected behaviors we have seen, and then had the person whom it was bothering point to the scale to say how they felt. It was great!

When we come back from our beautiful week long mid winter break, I will have to review this, and move onto how to interact with others in a more appropriate manner. Well be working on friendship skills, conversations, how to work in a group, etc. I'll post more on these at a later date.

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