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Sunday, February 23, 2014

updated classroom schedule and TQI

This should have been posted February 23, but I started having internet issues, and it's been down for a month. We finally switched providers since the other folks couldn't seem to fix the issue and now here I am.

I have been prolific this week, lol. I don't post anything for a month and all of a sudden there's something every day. That's what a little rest will do for you. Plus, I have given up gluten and sugar, and limited my dairy and I feel like a brand new person. I followed this fabulous woman, Kathy Abascal and her To Quiet Inflammation (TQI) diet

The author is an herbalist and a scientist. In her book, she explains how food can exacerbate inflammation processes in your body, leading to aches and pain, and other inflammatory responses. You spend 5 weeks eating  foods  that don't cause inflammation or help to quiet inflammation. You eliminate gluten, sugar, dairy, alcohol, red meat, and other things she outlines in her book. Two thirds of your meals must be fruits and vegetables and one third can be protein and grains.  It's only for 5 weeks so it's not permanent. You pay attention to your body and the changes that happen to it without these foods.I noticed the good effects right away and had so much more energy. After 5 weeks, you slowly add the foods back one at a time to see if you have a reaction to it. My boyfriend and I did it together and he no longer has the lower back pain he has had for years. We took a class in person, but you could do one online, or just purchase the books. It's been an eye opener for me. Who knew that food could affect my health so negatively, but after following her guidance for a month and a half, I am sold. I am losing weight, have no more joint aches, am sleeping better, have tons more energy, and I don't have any more brain fog. Ken has permanently eliminated gluten, as that is what was causing the issues for him, but is back to eating the other things he ate before. It's worth it, I promise . Check her out! (I have not received any compensation of any kind from her or anybody for this, just my own reaction to it, which is what I wanted to share).

At the beginning of this month, we had a semester change. I also sent two of my students out for Language Arts classes. In addition, one of those students is now included in general education/resource classes all day except for one class with me. He goes with a Para. All of this meant that I needed to revamp my schedule again to accommodate their schedules, the fact that I am down 1 Para for most of the day, and that there have been slight changes to the two periods right after breakfast and lunch, since the students were taking so long to eat. I plan to make updates in the fall, as well, but this is it for the rest of the school year.

If you want to see it in bigger font, Here is the link in Google docs. It's color coded so that people can see where the adults need to be, and with who, at any given time throughout the day. I have another one that is strictly the adult schedule, with more specific info about what they are doing each class period. It's worked out ok so far. The students took a couple of days to adjust and it was confusing for all of us, as they would change the picture icon back to the way it was the previous semester. I guess they assumed I had made a mistake with their schedule. So for a  couple of days, we had to be extra vigilant that they were using the icon that was next on the actual schedule, and not what they thought it ought to be. Fun times. Now they are used to it once again. and things are going smoothly.

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