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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's craft

Our Valentine's day was pretty mellow. I don't usually do parties because we are in a middle school and no one else does parties,and also because the kids get too worked up. We do one or two  special activities, and I do seasonal stuff throughout the month. If parents send stuff in, we'll use it, but I try to incorporate it into our regular schedule.

For Valentine's day, I wanted to do a craft or art activity and had been looking at Pinterest, but everything seemed so involved. I needed something that could be done quick, because we also had a dance on Valentine's Day. We have those during the school day so they shorten the regular school day schedule in order to accommodate the dance at the end of the day. That meant that I needed a short activity that could be set up, done, and cleaned up quickly before it was time to go to the dance.

 I found two that I thought would work on Pinterest. The first is a heart made with a stencil and bingo daubers here,

and this one called a love bomb.
After some reflection, I chose the bingo dauber one. The love bomb looked fun. I could get colored paper from our copy room and have the kids use our paper shredder to make confetti. Then we would put it in a paper bag and pop it over a paper filled with glue. But when I thought of the mess, I decided to skip it this year. 

So we ended up with the bingo dauber one and it worked out really well. Here are a couple of students working on them.

 And here are the final results. One of my students is artistic and he did the rainbows. Aren't they gorgeous? And the activity was super quick to clean up. Afterwards, they went to the dance and had a great time!

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