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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Five for Saturday

This week I am linking up with  DOODLEBUG TEACHING FOR HER FIVE FOR FRIDAY LINKY PARTY. This will be photos from this week and last month since I am such a slacker at blogging.

1.This past week was fairly mellow but  by the time Friday rolled in the door, my brain was crispy fried. It's Spring Break this coming week, so students were a little wild (in our building, that is). I am a strict follower of our routine, which really helps my students stay on an even keel, even when all around chaos reigns. We ended the week with a Jelly Bean taste testing event (thank you Autism Helper).
I am using her image because ours was very similar and because I didn't take a picture. Did I mention my brain was fried? We  used generic jelly beans, fruit flavored ones, sour ones, and hot tamales. The Autism Helper also had a wonderful freebie for the students to fill out. The kids loved it. I loved it because I have several students with food issues (one only eats blue food, another doesn't chew, another is incredibly picky), but I am very happy to say that ALL of them tried at least one from each category. I wish I had a camera because the faces they made were so funny, but at least they tried. I told them I was very proud of them. I think in order to broaden their horizons, I am going to have a vegetable and fruit tasting event before the end of the school year.

2.We also did this Easter Egg art project idea that I got from Pinterest:
All you need is sidewalk chalk, water, and painter's tape. Alas, I didn't get any photos of ours, but they looked very similar to these. Here is the original blog post the idea came from:

3. As I didn't post for St. Patrick's day, I wanted to share a couple of photos from that event. This was an idea I got from Pinterest, with original link here. It was called rainbow water and here is what hers looked like:
Here is what ours looked like. Major Pinterest FAIL, lol. Shoot, no one wants to drink black murky water, so I threw it away.
And here is a cute photo of one of my students. He was making a joke and did this and then he laughed. It was really cute!

4. Believe it or not, I actually am into this blog, but there's always one thing or another that pulls me away from it. This past month it was my Golden Retriever Thumbelina. She was diagnosed with cancer on her paw. Her options were to amputate it, leave it alone, or do radiation and chemo. As for the amputation, she's 12 and otherwise healthy, but has arthritis in here rear legs. It just wasn't going to work. If we left it alone, she would only have 2-4 months. If we did radiation and chemo, both with minimal side effects, we could have her for a year or two longer, so this was a no brainer. The problem is, the only place to do radiation was a 6 hour drive away, so that is what I did each week. I got up at 3AM, drove 6 hours over a mountain pass for her 1/2 hour appt, and then drove 6 hours back, all in one day mid week for 4 weeks. It exhausted me and it hasn't worked as well as we hoped, but she's still with us and relatively happy for now.

5. And finally, this is a picture off the ferry  I take to and from work each day. This is sunset and it was just beautiful. It's such a peaceful transition to and from my job each day.


  1. I'm impressed that all of your students tried the jelly beans! My son has Autism and gags when you try to give him candy. I think he might be the one child in the whole country who doesn't like any type of candy. lol

    I'm sorry about your dog. They definitely become part of the family.

    I found you through the Five for Friday Linky! That's for teaching all of the special kiddos!

    Teaching Is Sweet

    1. I just tell them this is school, this is their school work, and they don't have to swallow, but they do need to taste it. I don't know that this would work for every child, but it worked with this group of students. I was very proud of them! Thanks for your well wishes about my dog! I love her to death and she is definitely a special part of my family!