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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Nutrition unit + freebie

So, last post, I wrote what my science and social studies units are going to be in the fall. I decided to get busy now, since that is a lot of ground to cover. Since the district didn't fund me in a timely manner, all the items I purchased during the year were reimbursed out of a different budget, rather than my classroom budget. So I still have my entire budget left. I am putting in an order tomorrow for the Circles Level 1  curriculum from The James Stanfield Company. I have used this before and it is a wonderful tool to teach students about touch, trust, and talk with people they know well, not so well, and with strangers.

I also got a new iPad, which will hopefully be three total for the fall. I already have 6 computers, but 2 haven't worked, and the others are super old. I think I will wean it down to 2 computers, and 2 iPads for the computer station, and 1 iPad for my teacher station.

The rest of the money I used to purchase items to  support the science and social studies units through December. I will have a new budget in the fall, and hope to supplement through Donor's Choose for the rest. We'll see how that goes as I have never tried them before.

Here are the items for my Nutrition unit. I chose to start off the school year with nutrition because food is a difficult issue for some of my students who are incredibly picky eaters. I have one student who has only eaten cheetos and drunk soda which has severely impacted his health to the point where he is in a wheelchair. This is probably one of the more important units I will teach this year for this reason, which is why I have so many activities. Anyway, here are some of the materials I have/will purchase.If I see items, or someone can recommend different activities or items you have used in your classroom, I am all ears.

 I got Nasco's Deluxe cling set from Nasco,
as well as this food replica kit and this one that is more multiculturalfrom Lakeshore Learning.

Also from Lakeshore Learning, I got My Plate Pop and Match,

I have also put this unit on my wish list for next week when it goes on sale,

as well as this lapbook project, which I will modify a little.

And then finally, here are some activities on Google Docs that I made to supplement. I am still new at creating, so please forgive my box sizes ahead of time. I' like to get them to match, but I am not there yet. There are tons of pictures to sort, pick as many as you need, titles for the sort, boxes for matching pictures to words, pictures to pictures (you choose which pictures for both),my plate sort, and then a graphing game with a die to cut out. I formatted the sorts and matching this way so that my students don't memorize which pictures go where. There are enough pictures so that I can mix and match and it will be different each time. Just print,  laminate, and cut.

That should get us through for September. Hope this helps someone.


  1. O my goodness. These all look amazing! I want to buy them all too! :) Too bad budget requests were already due...but I'll definitely keep this post in mind.

    And we are using the circles program right now. I think (hope) they have updated it, we are using a version from the 90s, but the basic ideas are still great!

    Brie - Breezy Special Ed

    1. It looks like Circles has been updated. The older version is what I have used in the past, and my staff and I used to giggle at the clothes and hair. I'll let you know if the content is different once I have checked it out.