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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Social skills curriculum ideas for next year.

Since I have a year under my belt, I know what social skills lessons worked and didn't work this past year, and have ideas that I want to focus on for next year. The following is what I came up with for the entire year, just so that I have a framework to go with. Obviously, if an issue comes up, I can be flexible enough to change my plans, but I hate constantly flying by the seat of my pants, which is what I did a lot of this year, so I wanted a plan in place. It makes it easier to prep, too.

Many of these topics are ones I worked on this year, and there were some I identified as needing for next year, or wished I had time to work on. All of my current students are returning next year, as well as a couple of new ones, so I think this will work. They are broken into weekly themes. I do social skills in 20 min sessions, 3-4 times a week. They are short and sweet, with a day or two to practice. I find the curriculum itself in many places: Google it, TPT, pinterest, teacher blogs, or I just make it myself if I can't find something or it doesn't work. I will share more this summer as I start planning for the first few months.

SEPTEMBER- Skills in the classroom
Classroom rules/whole body listening/using a quiet voice
Asking for help /asking questions/interrupting
Expected and unexpected behavior

Identifying own emotions /Expressing emotions
Recognizing others’ emotions /Facial expressions / body language
Positive and negative emotions/making good choices
Halloween manners/trick or treating

NOVEMBER- Feelings Cont’d/Manners
Dealing with fear, disappointment, anger
Apologizing /saying sorry
Table manners/setting the table

DECEMBER- Caring about others
Understanding other’s behaviors/impact of your behavior on others
Kindness/ helping/caring/showing an interest in others
Social service project

Acknowledging others /Greetings /Taking turns/waiting
Personal space /Appropriate touch
Good friends/not so good friends
Empathy/seeing other’s point of view

FEBRUARY-Conversation skills
Starting conversations /Taking turns in conversation /Ending conversations
Using humor/jokes
Body language review
Small talk/ conversation topics

MARCH- Problem Solving
Good/bad choices/Dealing with consequences
Bothering others
How big is the problem?
Solving problems/conflict

Introduction to superflex/Rock Brain
Brain eater
Body Snatcher
Mean Jean

MAY- JUNE  Superflex cont’d/Personal safety
Space Invader
Stranger awareness
Public  versus Private
Introduction to Circles curriculum

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