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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Heads up: New job, new name, new blog

I recently applied for and got, a teaching position at a high school in my current district. It's actually a feeder school for the middle school I have been teaching in for the last 6 years. My dream has been to get back to teaching in high school because that is where my heart is. There's such a focus on academics at the other levels. I believe that as they get older, the focus needs to change, so that by the time they are in high school, the goal is centered on life after school. This means a much bigger focus on life and vocational skills, and less on academics, although I never give up on teaching this, even when they have very low skill levels. It breaks my heart to think of my students after the age of 21, sitting at home watching TV all day, every day, dependent on others for their every need, for the rest of their lives. How boring, sad, and lonely that must be.  This has happened to a few students I have had in the past, and makes me so upset! Every person deserves a life where they are as independent as possible and contributing members of society,  enjoying life to it's fullest, no matter how severe their disability.  If I can do something so that this never happens to any of my other students, I will. This job is an opportunity for me to work on this.

The new position is working with students that are medically fragile, which is a good fit for me, as prior to being a teacher, I was a nurse. None of my incoming students have autism, although that is always a possibility in the future if they are also medically fragile. Since my focus is no longer autism alone, I thought it fitting to change the name. In order to have my URL fit the new name, I needed to change blogs. Without further ado, I redirect you to my new blog Special Ed Connections . I look forward to sharing this new journey with you.

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